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Ok. To be honest, I thought about taking a picture of myself frolicking in a perfect meadow, during the perfect sunrise, with perfect hair flowing in the wind. 


And then I realized that would be like posting a 20 year old picture of me on a dating profile. You would show up and NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE ME. 


Because…the truth is…I’m not perfect, I don’t frolic and I’m not flowy. 


The truth is, when you work with me, 

I SHOW UP. I’m right there with you. 


And sometimes that’s messy and sometimes that’s beautiful….but its never fake. 


Me, frolicking in a meadow, is fake. 

Originally from St. Louis, I moved to Colorado in 2008. I’m married with 2 wonderful, rambunctious, loving kiddos! I have an adventurous spirit that comes out not only in the way I speak, but also in the way I live and love. 


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping people and their relationships. Being a therapist and counselor is not just a day job for me, it’s in my heart…




What can you expect from me? I call myself PROFESSIONALLY INFORMAL. I have a casual and encouraging approach, while also being direct and transparent…no hidden agendas here! 


I’m down-to-earth and solution-focused. I create a space for you to explore, process and express yourself while also guiding you to do that in a way that creates lasting change. I’ll work with you at a pace that’s both comfortable and challenging…but not overwhelming. 

Finding the right person to start your 

therapeutic journey with is important. 

In addition to learning about my style 

on this page, I also welcome you to call me for a free consultation so we can get to know each other better. 

Melissa Shaw, MSW, LCSW

(720) 583-5668



12211 W Alameda Pkwy, Suite 201

Lakewood, CO 80228

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